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Update #4 – from Greece: “after corona-period”…. we hope!

Τι κάνετε;  Καλό Καλοκαίρι! How are you?  Hope all is OK and we wish you a nice, sunny as well as healthy, summer. Maybe this year it will be not a “Greek summer” for many of you, because of too many travel complications? We understand! For those that did decide to travel to Greece, even […]

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Greek Herbs And Spices

Being a natural product, herbs have been used since Ancient times in Greece. The variety of herbs and spices in the Greek countryside gave the Ancient Greeks the ingredients to flavor their food, as well as the possibility to cure people. This reflected in the famous quote of Hippocrates (c. 460 – c. 370 BC), […]


Summer cinema in Greece

Summer in Greece!  After the corona-months, definitely something to look forward to! Beautiful beaches, blue water, white houses and unforgettable sunsets spontaneously pop into your mind. Without a doubt, it is a very nice part of the Greek summer. But what if you don’t go to a Greek island or somewhere close to the sea? […]


Corona-update #2 from Greece – we continue working…

Τι κάνετε; How are you? First of all, we hope you are fine and safe, as well as your family and friends. The Omilo-team is doing well, and we would like to thank our students for the many nice and supportive messages we receive daily. ΕΥΧΑΡΙΣΤΟΥΜΕ! THANK YOU So here in Athens, we are all […]

The advents calendar for Greek Easter!

Kiria Sarakosti: the calendar counting down 7 weeks until Easter. It is not easy to translate the Greek “Kiria Sarakosti”, but we propose to call her “Lady-Lent” in English! It is an old tradition in Greece and a way to count the weeks from Clean Monday (the end of carnival) until Easter. Click on the […]