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What Omilo Is Doing About Coronavirus…

March 17, 2020 Χαίρετε! First of all, and most importantly, we wish you very good health! Υγεία να υπάρχει! We have gotten many emails over the past few weeks asking us what we are doing about the whole Coronavirus crisis, and how we deal with it, so we thought to write an article about it.

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The Temple of Poseidon, in Sounion, Attica

When you visit Athens , not only you can explore the capital of Greece, but at the same time you can also make several one-day excursions to nearby coastal villages, beaches and archeological sites within the prefecture of Attica. One of the trips we believe is really worth it to add to your “list”, is […]

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Hammam: an Oriental experience in Athens

Athens combines elements from classical antiquity, the Ottoman past and a modern city. Since it was under Ottoman occupation between 1458 and 1833, it also had public baths called hammams. When you come to Athens today, you can visit the Bath of the Winds or experience spa services at one of the modern hammams of […]


Learn How To Conjugate A Useful Greek Verb

When you learn a language, you will soon understand that you need to learn verbs, in order to make sentences. And when you learn a Greek verb, you will need to learn how to conjugate it as well. But do not worry, learning Greek verbs is fun, and the Omilo-team is here to help you […]


Kalamatianos: a famous Greek traditional dance

Do you like to dance? If yes, do you also know the Greek traditional dances? A well-known traditional dance which you can see or dance at every happy occasion in Greece (such as weddings, christenings, celebrations, etc.) is the “Kalamatianos dance”. Also during the Omilo Greek courses, we always organize some dancing lessons for the […]