Corona-update #2 from Greece – we continue working…

Τι κάνετε; How are you?

First of all, we hope you are fine and safe, as well as your family and friends.
The Omilo-team is doing well, and we would like to thank our students for the many nice and supportive messages we receive daily.

So here in Athens, we are all staying at home, #menoumespiti #westayathome,  and are working online.
See the video below, taken during one of our brainstorm meetings of last week 🙂


For the time being, Greeks seem to be rather happy with their government and its policies regarding the Corona crisis. Measures were taken early and remain strict. In Greece, there is not a lot of financial support, but compared to other European countries, it is still rather calm here, and as we all know very well, good health and being safe is the most important at this moment. We keep our fingers crossed for the entire world and wish we can all go “back to normal” soon again!

If you have registered for a 2020 course, you will be always updated with personal messages, at least 1 month before your course.
This week it was announced that hotels need to stay closed until April 30th but there are no announcements yet beyond that date.

In the meantime, let’s make the best of it, keep some humor, sing and dance…It is all possible in your living room while learning Greek 🙂 
If you need more videos, songs, etc…to keep you in a good mood, then follow our social media channels…We do our best to keep your and our spirits up! 

Click on the link below and sing along with this song you can now hear very often on the Greek radio!
Click here to listen to the song and read the lyrics in Greek/English



Below a quick OMILO update

At the moment, the Omilo-team is very busy creating new products.
Unfortunately, if you want to create something good, this does not happen overnight… they will be announced when they are ready 🙂

But, for now, we already have …

Good news for the “Beginners 1 & 2”:

We improved the online video course “Everyday Greek Language” with a new video platform.
Especially for this period until Greek Easter 2020 , AVAILABLE WITH 50% REDUCTION.

Now it is the perfect time to use your extra time at home creatively, by studying Greek at home, at your own pace, while having the impression you are on holiday in Greece.

The course helps you with your first conversations in Greek, losing your fear to speak, and everyday vocabulary you will not find easily in other textbooks.

Now that you can not travel to Greece or even within Greece, we decided to bring Greece to you!
The Online Video Course “Everyday Greek Language” includes videos taken in Greece, bringing you into the holiday atmosphere, while you learn the basic conversations in order to communicate with the locals.
On top of that, 7 eBooks are included, so whatever you learn, is also written down for you and can be printed. So ready to take with you on the beach, after the corona crisis!

What are you waiting for? Check it out…and take advantage of the reduced price.

NOW AT 50% – Click here to get started with your online video course


Good news for the “Advanced Learners”:

When you are already at the advanced level, of course, you can listen to Greek radio, TV, read Greek Newsletters, etc…Materials enough online to keep you busy 🙂
However, it is not always easy to practice your grammar and build your vocabulary, without guidance and corrections. Therefore Marina and Konstantinos, also the authors of the ”
“Φύγαμε για ελληνικά! Language Book” created the Greek Advanced Greek Workbooks. (with answer key)

This week two more eBooks are added to the list, and more will come…

Click here to get started with your advanced Greek workbooks


Good news for “Every Language Level”:

Real-time lessons with Omilo teachers

You do not like to learn by yourself, but prefer to learn with realtime teaching, in person, with a native Greek teacher?

No problem, this is possible and continues at Omilo, with Skype or Zoom lessons.
All our teachers are available. You choose what you would like to do during your lessons (grammar, conversation, specific vocabulary…) or our teachers will help you how to best proceed, depending on your level.

You are an “Absolute Beginner” and would like to start with learning the Greek Alphabet and your first sentences in Greek?
This is perfectly possible to learn with our online Alphabet Course.

Are you more advanced, but it is a nice idea for your partner or friend to be challenged with something new during this period?
Feel free to share this information, and share your passion for Greece 🙂


We hope the month of April will bring us all some positive news!
We are already dreaming to teach next to the Aegean sea, but first of all, let’s try to enjoy the spring and stay safe.
Kalo mina! Καλό μήνα!

Maya and Dimitris Andreadis & the Omilo-team