Greek Breakfast

Which is the most important meal of the day? Of course, it‘s the breakfast! Although most Greeks do not really eat a big Greek breakfast or any breakfast at all, slowly slowly things are changing. More and more hotels in Greece now understand the value of breakfast and more and more Greeks also start discovering how many products they actually have to enjoy the most delicious breakfast.


Dora Stratou Greek dances : A living museum

There are many different museums across the world. Athens has a special museum, a museum dedicated to the Greek dance. What makes it special is that it is not just housed in a building. It is a living museum with dancers, lots of spectacle and a school providing courses, workshops and lectures. Here below more information about this museum and dancing group, founded by Dora Stratou.

Delicious Greek Food: learn how to make Soutzoukakia!

In winter, everyone’s looking for ways to keep warm! Cooking Greek food might be a good idea? In most of your countries the winter and cold last for many months, so what could be better than a hot, tasty dish from Greece’s great culinary tradition?


Playing Tavli (Backgammon) in Greece with Omilo

Playing Tavli or Backgammon is a very popular Greek habit. Almost every Greek has enjoyed a sunny morning with cold coffee (preferably a frappe) and a round of “Portes” or a summer afternoon with a glass of ouzo accompanied by a “meze” and a round of “Plakoto”.



Greek dancing is fun…learn more about it with Omilo!

What comes to your mind when you hear „Greek dances“? Probably, the first dance that comes to mind is the “Syrtaki”. And not without reason. Syrtaki became known all over the world thanks to the movie “Zorbas the Greek”. Most of us have in mind Anthony Quinn dancing this dance and saying: “geia sou, leventi!”. Indeed, the Sirtaki represents the Greek people and their soul, but it is actually a dance that was „made“ for the movie and a „combination“ of various Greek steps you can find in the traditional dances.