Entrées par Omilo

A trip to Greece, changing your life!

Ramon from Spain has to travel to Greece for a project in his University. He travels for the first time to Greece, explores a village in the Peloponese, tastes a bit of Greek culture and spends time with Greek students of his age. His life changed …


Greek New Year Song

In Greece, on December 31st,  you will hear everywhere this New Year song or eventually sing it yourself… A song to say good bey to the “old year” and welcome the “new year”!

Greek Breakfast

Which is the most important meal of the day? Of course, it‘s the breakfast! Although most Greeks do not really eat a big Greek breakfast or any breakfast at all, slowly slowly things are changing. More and more hotels in Greece now understand the value of breakfast and more and more Greeks also start discovering how many […]

Dora Stratou Greek dances : A living museum

There are many different museums across the world. Athens has a special museum, a museum dedicated to the Greek dance. What makes it special is that it is not just housed in a building. It is a living museum with dancers, lots of spectacle and a school providing courses, workshops and lectures. Here below more […]


The Athens Festival(s): June till September

The Athenians are happy the summer is here! In summer, everybody gets into a great mood and tries to enjoy the nice things of life. The cultural life in Athens is just great: exhibitions, concerts, music bands, street dancing, theater performances, book fairs, nights of open air cinema, bike rides and festivals for every taste. They […]

Walking in Athens, while discovering beautiful art

During one of the Omilo Intensive Greek Language and Culture courses in Athens, in 2015, the participants had Greek lessons in the morning and a 3 hour guided walk in Athens during the afternoon. We decided to start the guided walk from Psirri, in order to show some beautiful Street Art by day-light. When we reached […]


Greek rebetiko song – Vassilis Tsitsanis

Greeks, whenever they were facing difficulties, which is still something happening very often, have found the way to overcome and even to celebrate! The following Rebetiko song, is an example of how they deal with difficulties ! Its philosophy might be helpful for people to face life difficulties with more optimism!