How I heard about Omilo, and started learning Greek :)

People learning Greek, as a hobby,  are really special, and you do not meet them every day! However, Omilo was founded in 1996 and has welcomed so many students from every corner in the world, all wanting to learn Greek.
Over the years, we have heard the most amazing reasons why somebody wants to learn Greek, which we could never have imagined 🙂

Here below you can read a nice & true story,  written by Lesley: “How I heard about Omilo… and then registered immediately!”
Her story was sent to Omilo through our Essay Competition in 2015.
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A little bit of Greek Etymology!

Have you ever wondered what our school’s name “Omilo” means? It actually means “I speak”, but then you can wonder: Why “omilo” and not “milao” (μιλάω)? Where does this word come from? Is it an ancient word? Does it mean something different? Let’s have a look at the etymology!
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