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The Vasilopita-The Greek New Year cake

In Greece, there is a nice tradition of baking the “vasilopita”, a special cake for the New Year, to start things off right! When cutting the cake into slices on New Year’s Day, Greeks will name each slice as they cut it, after everyone in the family and friends. Usually also a coin is hidden […]

A Greek Christmas Carol

Would you like to sing a Greek Christmas carol? Let’s first do a small Greek listening exercise! Listen to the Carol and fill out the missing words in the exercise!

Athens from above: 10 great rooftop bars

Have you ever had the chance to enjoy your drink at one of the many rooftop bars of Athens? You can find them in every neighborhood offering a spectacular view and special atmosphere. There are many buildings in Athens suitable to have a roof bar on top.


Happy Birthday in Greek

Do you have Greek friends? Would you like to know how to wish them a Happy Birthday in Greek? If you have been to Greece, most likely you have already heard the popular wish «Χρόνια πολλά».


The Epidaurus Amphitheatre in Greece

When visiting Greece, it is not just about eating delicious food in taverns and going to the beach, but most travelers, including our Omilo students, also love to visit ancient Greek sites, attend Greek concerts or theatre or learn more about Greek culture and history. Well, by visiting the beautiful site of Epidaurus, you can […]