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Greek Christmas Traditions

Here below you will find information about some Christmas traditions in Greece. As a listening exercise you can click on the button above, where you will find the text in Greek while listening to teacher Konstantinos reading the text for you. 
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Greek traditional Christmas boat

Do you prefer a Christmas tree or a Christmas boat?
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A Greek Christmas Carol

Would you like to sing a Greek Christmas carol? Let’s first do a small Greek listening exercise!
Listen to the Carol and fill out the missing words in the exercise!
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Pork with celery & lemon sauce

Would you like to cook a delicious Greek dish, which is also a great alternative for a Christmas table?  Pork with celery and lemon sauce! (vegetarians can replace the pork with mushrooms! )

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Celebrate New Year in Athens while learning Greek

Do you also dream of celebrating New Year in Greece? What about exploring Athens during the festive days between Christmas and New Year, while you practice speaking Greek, attending cultural life and making friends.
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Christmas in Greece: Trigona Kalanta

In Greece, many Christmas songs are sung; some are very known all over Greece, and some very specific for every region. However, there is also a song that is internationally known, but of course, in Greece, they sing it with Greek lyrics. Are you ready to learn how to sing “jingle bells” in Greek? Lees meer


Greek New Year Song

In Greece, on December 31st,  you will hear everywhere this New Year song or eventually sing it yourself… A song to say good bey to the “old year” and welcome the “new year”!
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Greek Christmas Carols from different areas in Greece

Few days left to celebrate Christmas and New year. Time to get to know a bit more about the typical Greek Christmas carols we hear all the time the end of December: the “kalanta”. Greece is rich in music and depending of the geographical regions, there are different Christmas and New Year songs, using different instruments and rhythms.
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