Pork with celery & lemon sauce

Would you like to cook a delicious Greek dish, which is also a great alternative for a Christmas table?  Pork with celery and lemon sauce! (vegetarians can replace the pork with mushrooms! )

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Greek Cheese

Those of you thinking that countries like France and The Netherlands are known for its cheese production, might be surprised how many cheeses are produced in Greece.
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What you should know about carnival in Greece!

Did you ever experience Carnival and Tsiknopempti in Greece? Usually the month of February, is the carnival month! Also in Greece, the carnival season lasts for 3 weeks during which period Greeks really enjoy themselves, organize many parties and eat a lot of meat!
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Picking Olives on the Island of Kythira (by Marianne Both*)

It’s been over two years since I first visited Kythira. I got to know the olive oil of this beautiful Greek island through a friend in Holland. The moment I tasted it, I wanted more. While I have been to Greece over the last 20 years, I had never visited Kythira. It was early October when I checked the island out on the internet. To my surprise, I read that it was possible to go to Kythira and pick olives right then. Albert and Anita, (also former Omilo-students and the Dutch owners of Fos ke Choros guesthouse**), apparently organized olive picking holidays. I found the idea of a holiday that blended work and pleasure immediately appealing.
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The pomegranate brings good luck for the New Year

On the first day of the New Year, in many Greek homes,  the new year is welcomed by opening a pomegranate for good luck.
It is also common  to receive  a metal pomegranate ( ‘ρόδι’) with a red ribbon, as a gift,  to bring good luck ( ‘γούρι”) for the new year.
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Delicious Greek Food: learn how to make Soutzoukakia!

In winter, also in Greece, everyone’s looking for ways to keep warm! Cooking warm Greek food might be a good idea? In most of your countries the winter and cold last many months, so what could be better than a hot, tasty dish from Greece’s great culinary tradition?

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