Athens from above: 11 great rooftop bars

roof bars

Did you ever have the chance to enjoy a drink on one of the many roof bars in Athens? You can find them in any neighbourhood, all of them with a spectacular view and special atmosphere. Athens has many buildings that are suitable to have a roof bar on top.

After World War II, the growth of the city of Athens accelerated significantly. Since there was not enough housing, it resulted in building an enormous number of apartment buildings. As there was no time (and money), those buildings were built without any nice architectural design, but all with a flat roof!
The last years, many initiatives have shown that people start seeing these “dull buildings” from a different perspective: a challenge for creativity. What is better than a big flat space, looking out over the city, to create a cozy place for a summer cocktail or cultural event?

Let’s have a look at a few of these places where you can have a relaxing afternoon coffee or late evening cocktail while overlooking Athens.

Thission View
Close to the Thission Metro station and at the most lively pedestrian street of Athens (Apostolou Pavlou street), it is great to enjoy a drink and have a wonderful view at the front side of the Acropolis.

In the very popular neighbourhood of Gazi, Gazarte succeeded in combining all kinds of entertainment: bookstore, cinema, concerts, restaurant, events and of course… a roof bar. The cozy terrace with a view on Technopolis is a very pleasant place for a night out. On several days during the summer, live music sessions are organised in the bar.

Athens Style
Located in the heart to of Athens, this bar offers one of the most impressive views on the city, ideal for taking amazing pictures. The bar is part of a youth hostel which creates a more casual atmosphere and, moreover, democratic prices.

A for Athens
Just like Athens Style, you can find A for Athens in the center of Athens, on the top of a hotel (with the same name). Being next to Monasteraki square, the bar has become quite well known and is often very crowded. If you do manage to find a spot, you get a first-row view at the backside of the Acropolis.

360 Cocktail Bar
You can find the 360 Bar next to the Monasteraki metro station. It has more space than A for Athens, so your chances to find a seat are better here. Nice view over Monasteraki Square and the back side of Acropolis.

Couleur Locale
This bar is hidden in Normanou street, 300 meters from the Monasteraki Metro station. This lively place offers both food, drinks & a close view to the Acropolis. Great for a night out with friends, but keep in mind that it might be hard to find a spot.

The Athens Gate Hotel
The last 3 years more and more hotels also started creating roof gardens and everybody is very welcome to enjoy a drink on those restaurants or bars, even when you are not a hotel guest. At the Athens Gate hotel you can enjoy a panoramic view of the Acropolis, the New Acropolis Museum and the Temple of Zeus.
Info : Sygrou Avenue 10, Athens 117 42  (very close to the Acropolis metro station)

Santa Botella
A bit further away from the center, in Panormou, you can find Santa Botella. Drinks, food and music are offered in a more alternative environment. A good choice when you are looking for something less touristic.

As indicated on their website, Bios is a “Meeting center for the arts and media of today”. Disposing of different spaces, theater, events, exhibitions and music are all represented here. The rooftop bar is spacious and has a view that is, both during day and night, worth a visit. Movies are being projected on the wall of the terrace.

Cafe of the Benaki Museum of Islamic Art

A hidden place in busy Athens. This cafe is located on the highest floor of the museum and looks out over the area of Gazi. When sitting on the terrace, you will also see the Acropolis on your left hand side. As it is so hard to find, the place is calm and you will more easily find a table. Keep in mind that the cafe is only open from Thursday to Sunday.


Public Shop Cafe

The Cafe is located on the top floor of the Public book store at Syntagma Square. It is not a rooftop bar, but nevertheless, the view is breathtaking. Most of the cafe is located inside, but there is a small terrace in front, looking out over Syntagma Square & the Greek Parliament building.

Of course this is only a glimpse of all the possibilities you can discover on the rooftops of Athens. Many hotels also have their swimming pools next to the roof bars!

Contemporary Athens has plenty of other places and events to offer. Feel free to let us know if you have any suggestions! We would love to hear from you which rooftop bar in Greece is your favourite!