How to make Greek frappe – the delicious ice-coffee

During warm and sunny days and especially in spring and summer, Greeks prefer to drink the cold Frappe instead of the warm Greek coffee. Also Omilo students many times are crazy about the frappe and would like to continue drinking it back home as well.
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I drink and I am hungry! Greek Expressions with “πίνω” and “πεινώ”.

Do you also love to enjoy a Greek drink in one of the nice cafes or taverns in Greece?
When you learn Greek, one of the very first words you learn is the verb ‘πίνω’ (= to drink). There are many good reasons for that: you need to drink something every day, it’s an easy verb to conjugate –at least in Present tense– and it helps to form full sentences in Greek even in the very early stages of learning;
e.g. Κάθε πρωί πίνω καφέ με γάλα = Every morning I drink coffee with milk.

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