The Village of Nymfaio


For those that did not know it already, Greece is also a nice winter destination.
Above you can see a photo of the village of Nymfaio, in Northern Greece. 

Many travel guides include Nymfaio as one of the ten most beautiful villages in Greece. It is a mountain village (at an altitude of 1350m and a distance of 57km from the city of Florina) which has been designated as ”preserved traditional settlement”.

Nymfaio is located in a forested area and has stone sidewalks as well as stone built houses. Due to some contributions of famous people with family roots in the village, such as Nikolaos Mertzos and the Boutaris family, the village got a boost in local tourism during the last decade.

At 1,5 km from the village, you can also find “Arktouros”, an environmental information centre for brown bears and wolves. The center is home to 13 bears and several wolves.

Have a look at the video, accompanied by the typical music of the area and also explaining the history of this village (in Greek).